Method and attention points in our studio:

After a design has been chosen, a stencil is being produced. This a copy of the design, ment for skin application. This stencil is being placed at the exact location of your prefered tattoo. If you agree with the placement, the tattoo artist will start tattooing your skin.

A large tattoo design, wil likely be carried out as a ‘multiple-session tattoo’. On average, there will be 2 weeks of time in between sessions. These periods will allways be discussed between artist and client. After your last session, you will receive a ‘after care sheet’. On this document, you will find the basic info about taking care of your tattoo and skin. This wil also be told in the studio, the document is your backup at home.

The healing of a tattoo will be completed in about 2 weeks. But this period depends on the person and tattoo. If ‘touching up’ is required, we will provide this (free of charge) for you after healing your last tattoo. Tattooing of fingers, hands and neck is possible AFTER a personal advise.

Dutch Law is applied on the tattoo process. The national center for hygiene and safetey has provided guidelines towards tatoo artists. These artists are responsible to carry out the guidelines. Both GGD and ‘Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit’ check the studios (once or twice per year) regarding the policy and hygiene.

Art and Ink is approved by GGD. If you have any (further) questions, please contact us. We are happy to provide you with info.

We only tattoo according to our appointment schedule and not according to opening hours.