After Care

After Care and points of attention after a tattoo:

1. Avoid touching the tattoo and skin with your hands.

2. Wash the tattoo twice a day, using non-perfumed soap, untill fully healed.

3. Dry the tattoo and injured skin by pressing softly with a (clean) towel, NO rubbing!.

4. Keep the tattoo area as dry as possible.

5. Lube the tattoo (clean hands!) with non-perfumed Vaseline or Bepanthen. Don’t use any other cremes and make sure you are the ONLY person who uses the batch.

6. DON’T use any wound desinfectors such as Betadine or Sterilon on to the wound.

7. No band aids or bandage over the tattoo.

8. Do not wear tight clothing or dirty clothing on the wound.

9. Avoid direct contact with water desinfectants (chloride, whirlpools, and of course: swimming pool water). Also: NO saunas or steam cabines.

10. Be very careful with exposing the injured skin to sun or sun tan machines (not even with sun tan oil!). After the recovery period (weeks after tattooing) you should still use high-protection factor oils on the tattoo surface during time in the sun.

11. In case of red skin, irritation, swellings, bleeding, infection and color changes: ALWAYS get in contact with your general practitioner.